75 Lbs Lost


“It is really hard to wrap your head around the concept of 75 pounds. That’s the average weight of a seven-year-old boy or 300 apples. It’s a lot. Aside from the way I feel (amazing and super strong), the biggest change has actually been in the way I look at food: it’s fuel, not for fun. Fuel your body with garbage, you’ll feel it. Don’t give it enough, you’re going to be tired. Same kind of goes if you give it too much, too. The strength workouts have honestly become the highlight of my week each and every Tuesday and Thursday. The instructors are so motivating and being surrounded by so many positive people makes it easier to push out that last, ridiculous dead lift at a new personal best. Half way there in six months. Who would have thunk it? Not me. But Neil did. And with his support I am SO excited for the next six months and getting to where I want (and need) to be.”