Sandie Coxford


Weight: Starting -180.2lbs – Final -168.2lbs
Measurements : Starting Waist: 35”, Hip: 44” – Final Waist: 32.75”, Hip: 42”

Total Weight – 12lbs

Total Hips – 2”

Total Waist – 2.25”


“I received a lot of encouragement to try this program, so I made the decision to join the  2017 Trench Transformation Challenge.    I knew it would be a learning curve as tracking macros was new to me.  I had seen the success of others who had been using this approach to a healthy lifestyle, so I decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose!

I found that as I was aging my body was not responding the same as it had in the past and I needed to change things up.

When I met with Erika, she laid the foundation, providing me with the tools and a training program and the rest was up to me.  I made the decision to join the group training classes as I would rather work with others than on my own.  This was a great motivator for me because it made me push myself to do better.  The trainers are absolutely awesome!! They are very encouraging and helpful in order for you to do the exercises properly and get better each class.  So with this many people on your side, how could you not succeed.

During my 12 weeks I have gained knowledge, muscle, strength, new friendships, and some new clothes all at the same time.  While losing inches and weight.

I found that Erika was always encouraging and helpful when I did my weekly check in.

Once you realize that tracking macros isn’t all that hard and with consistent workouts the program is great and will work for you too.

It is great to have the support of my family during this time and as a family we have adapted to this way of cooking, eating and tracking.  We are able to share recipes and ideas with each other.

It is awesome when you walk into Trench and people smile and wave it feels like home.”