Weight: Starting -174.2lbs – Final -162.8lbs
Measurements : Starting Waist: 36”, Hip: 42.5” – Final Waist: 33.5”, Hip: 41.75”

Total Weight – 11.4lbs

Total Hips – 0.75”

Total Waist – 2.5”


“Prior to joining Trench I was an active person that did various forms of exercise and was a yo yo dieter. I wasn’t bothered by my lifestyle until a shoulder injury at work side lined me from my exercise classes, my job, and what felt like my whole life at the time. With in three months of my injury I was feeling depressed eating like crap had gained 15 lbs and was smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day. I knew I needed to do something and I need professional help. My cousin who is like a sister to me has been a trench member for quiet some time and had always encouraged me to try it so I went to the website and just signed up.  It was the best decision I have ever made.
This past 12 weeks has taken me from a very dark place to a place now where at 43 I am feeling better then I have my whole life. The flexibility of the nutrition program is exactly what I need in my life. Erika gets to know you as a person and adjust your plan for you. I am a very social person and was able to incorporate all of my social outings into my plan and stay on track. The exercise part of the program was also tailored to my needs. I was in the middle of recovering from a torn tendon in my shoulder. Erika created a fitness program based on my needs, the plan also focused on my recovery and return to work. After the 12 week program my shouler is almost 100% and I am back to my full Nursing duties. I also participated in group classes at Trench. I love the classes I am learning proper technique as well as being pushed by the coachs to do a little more each class.
These past 12 weeks have been a bit of a learning curve for me, but I have accomplished so much. I was able to quit my smoking habit,  rehab my shoulder and return to work, gain physical and emotional strength and lose some weight. I have signed up for another 12 weeks  and am ready to continue this process.

Thanks to everyone at Trench …members, coaches , staff  you all made me feel welcome from day 1, starting something new is always a little intimidating but you all made it so much easier.”