trench transformation shelley1

“I can hardly believe that it has been 12 weeks. It has gone by pretty quickly!! And with pretty good success!

My final weigh in is 136…that is 19 pound weight loss!! I can hardly believe that I lost that much!! I am sooo pleased with that loss too, even though I never had a target weight to lose, I am pretty proud of myself to make that weight!! No wonder my clothes fit so much better!! It feels good to have my old pre-baby body back!!

A special thank you to you and making this easy. Yes, I said it was easy!! You listened to what I knew would impact me negatively (hurting so much that I wouldn’t want to go back) and listening when I hurt my knee…which is much better by the way… I have learned so much and now believe I have me and my family on the right track to being active and eating healthy!! No crazy diets here!! Just good wholesome eating of the right foods!!”


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