transformation-tanya1“We originally decided to choose Trench to help us on our journey to learning proper nutrition and strength training on the recommendation of friends and people working in the fitness industry. After meeting Neil we were both very impressed with the level of knowledge and enthusiasm he has towards nutrition and fitness and could not wait to get started. We were both amazed at how easy the plan is to follow and started seeing results almost immediately!!

Every week we would send in our photo’s and updates and every week Neil would quickly respond with motivation and encouragement along with any adjustments to our program. When we would come for our personal training sessions everyone welcomed us and we soon felt like part of the Trench family. We have had our ups and downs along the way but when one of us would stumble the other was always there to lend a hand which made all the difference in the world. After we were only about half way through our program we decided that this wasn’t just a “12 week program” and that this was a very maintainable lifestyle so we signed up for another 12 week nutrition package and purchased more personal training sessions.

Our results after our first 12 weeks were astonishing. Together we had a combined loss of 55lbs and a huge gain in confidence, knowledge and strength both physically and mentally. It’s an incredible feeling to have people such as those at Trench on your side who genuinely care about your success. Thank you Trench, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

-Tanya and Ryan