Starting Weight 151.5lbs
Starting Waist 30”
Starting Hips 39”

Final Weight 138.6lbs
Final Waist 28.25”
Final Hips 36.5”

Total Weight Loss 12.9lbs
Total Loss off Waist 1.5”
Total Loss off Hips 2.5”







I dedicated myself to the last 12 weeks for a different kind of transformation. Most people go into this looking to change physically, but that wasn’t the case for me. And yes, the physical aspect was a great added bonus. But my ultimate goal was to transform internally.


Over the past few years I’ve STRUGGLED mentally with food. I always found it hard to find the perfect balance and had A LOT of anxiety and stress around food. I became obsessed and actually developed an eating disorder which I’ve never spoken publicly about. It went from a “once in a while” thing to a “daily” thing and then to a “multiple times per day thing”. My health was in jeopardy and I knew I had to make an internal change before things got out of hand.

So I decided to work with Erika as I have worked with her successfully in the past. She of all people understands how my mind works and with her insight she guided me to another successful transformation. What I love best about the 12 week challenge is that I never once felt deprived or an urge to binge eat. Over the course of time, we slowly increased my calories while watching my weight decrease. With a consistent strength training program and minimal cardio I watched my body take a different shape. I stated to Erika on day 1 that my ultimate goal was to feel like myself again. To find my long lost confidence. To be HEALTHY like I once was. We achieved all of this together as a team. AND did I mention that I accomplished all of this while being a vegetarian?!

I’m happy to say I’m going to continue on with a positive recovery and I have many more goals to reach in this journey called life.

Thank-you to Erika and the rest of my support system at Trench Fitness!