May 14, 2012 Weight: 147lbs
August 05, 2012 Weight: 135lbs

Tara McCallum completely transforms her lifestyle in 12 weeks. Here is what she had to say:

“I have known Neil for a number of years now and have watched him become more and more successful with health and fitness.  I started on the Trench program May, 2012.  I did the 12 week nutrition program and Neil also suggested I do the 8 week circuit group training.  Neil has taught me so much about nutrition that I had absolutely no clue about before.  The thing I like about this program the most is that it is a lifestyle change not just some “diet”.  What is a diet anyway??  There were days where I struggled but that is a part of everyday life, you will always have ups and downs but I just used the days I felt down to motivate me that much more and Neil always had positive and helpful feedback to push me to meet my goals.  I cannot begin to say enough about Neil’s workout programs.  I used to dread going to the gym, now I look forward and get excited for the days I train at Trench.  I feel so rewarded after each and every work out inside and outside.  I’ve always lacked self-confidence and Trench has changed that for me.  The best part about the group training is all the amazing people I have met and train with and how much motivation we bring to each other.  I have also started one-on-one training with Bryce Krawczyk of Trench Fitness  who is also an amazing trainer.  He has taught me proper form on different lifts and he’s always pushing me to my limit and always bringing positive energy into our training session which is much appreciated!


I would like to give Neil a huge Thank-you for everything you have taught me.  You have helped me reach and go beyond my goals I had made with you at the start of the program.  Just because I have completed my 12 week program does not mean my journey ends here.  I can’t wait to continue training at Trench and reach many new goals in my HEALTHY lifestyle.  I would also like to thank Bryce and my training group who has been there with me throughout my entire journey.  You are all great motivators and I hope to motivate many other people!  Seriously people if you want to see results and learn about PROPER nutrition Trench is the way to go!!! TEAM TRENCH!”

-Tara McCallum