“I started with Trench October 2013 when I decided that it was time to take fitness to the next level and compete. I had two prerequisites when selecting a coach: flexible dieting, and drug free. I knew for awhile that Neil was the coach for me. Signing up with him was one of the best decisions I have made in the fitness aspect of my life. I ended up getting much more than I bargained for because Neil made the process a educational experience. Starting a program with Trench is much more than a temporary solution, which seems to be the case with most fitness programs and organizations, it is like paying tuition for a class on how to stay fit and healthy. At Trench they will find out what works for you, and educate and motivate you on how to maintain it long after you complete your program with them. Neil’s experience, education, and love in this field has provided him with the ability to answer any of your questions. If you hit a plateau or problem chances are Neil has seen or experienced it before, and has the ideal solution to resolve the issue. There wasn’t one issue that I had that Neil did not provide a prompt solution too.

In addition to this, the Trench organization (clients and trainers) operates as a team! Everyone is very supportive and success orientated which makes it very difficult to fail! If you want to make a positive change in regards to Health and Happiness, I HIGHLY recommend Trench Fitness as your first step to success. This isn’t the typical painful crash diet that the world is so accustomed to. This is a lifestyle change which incorporates all of your favourite foods in moderation in order to secure future success!

By the time I had made it to competition day I had lost a total of 35lbs, was working out 4 days a week, and I was still completely satisfied with my food intake. I can now truly say that I am a bodybuilder! So far with Trench I have gratefully gained a better body, education in health and fitness, and multiple friends throughout this process. I am still with Trench and our next goal is Powerlifting.

Thank you Trench Fitness! I know this is just the beginning!”