“I don’t even know where to start.. I entered this 12 week program not expecting to be where I am at today. My expectations of this were not very high even though I was so determined to really make sure that this would be the changing moment for myself. My subject line to Erika was “Time For A Change”. I had been struggling to lose weight after having my daughter, and I had no idea about anything related to nutrition. (Which now, looking back on how good I thought I was eating – you definitely see how much extra fat slips into things.) Right from the start, Erika was understanding and dedicated to helping me reach a goal that I thought would be impossible to get to. My ultimate goal was about feeling good in a bikini – and that happened at about week 9. I finally got to wear a bikini I had bought over a year ago! I didn’t feel like my body was changing, because every time I looked in that mirror, all I could see was the flaws that I thought I had. When I finally started to put all my progress pictures side by side, I could see how much I was changing. I was getting a tighter butt than I had before, my ever present ‘love handles’ were slowly going down and I was building some good muscle everywhere! I know this journey is far from over because I still see a picture in my head that I know I can look like. I know where I want to lose fat and build more muscle and I am looking forward to all the days that I am going to be sore from working out! Here’s to another 12 weeks because yes, I want to do it all over again and keep on pushing myself! Thank you Erika for every motivational response and all the positive feedback you have given me the last 12 weeks – I hope you are ready for round 2 like I am!”