Transformation Challenge 2016

Starting Weight – 188lbs Final Weight – 171lbs

Starting Measurements – Waist: 35″ , Hip: 45″ Final Measurements – Waist: 31″ , Hip: 40″

“Eleven months ago I was in a horse riding accident and broke my femur in three pieces, I was lucky that a rod and two pins were all the hardware needed to put it back together. The months of healing were difficult and I felt my health both physically and mentally slipping. I had constant pain in my hip due to the pin being too long but was unable to have the hardware removed until seven months post operation. After that surgery I was feeling better physically and wanted to do more than just physiotherapy at that point. I have always felt better mentally and had a better relationship with my family when I am active but I felt I was too far “gone” and had a really hard time turning things around mentally.

Prior to these 12 weeks my femur was healing slowly which both my surgeon and physiotherapist recommended weight lifting to stimulate the bone growth. I attached two pictures the first being the X-ray taken just before having the top pin removed and, the second was taken at my 11 month check up on April 19th. My surgeon gave the go ahead to do anything I want as the bone has healed and I am now on the wait list to have the remaining hardware removed!!

My husband has been my biggest support throughout my recovery. He knew I needed something more which is when we switched our gym memberships to Trench and started to workout with more purpose. I soon became frustrated however because I really didn’t have the right guidance I needed. This is when I was encouraged to sign up for the 12 week nutritional and training plan which just so happened to be the time of the Transformation Challenge so I went for it.

Getting started was overwhelming at first and Neil had to talk me through a few times of being down, but as we pushed through my body and mind started to change and I was feeling better than I had in a long time. Even prior to my accident! With John’s guidance, motivation, and humour throughout the workouts as well as him showing me proper mobility exercises, I was able to increase my range of motion so much that my physiotherapist told me I didn’t need to come see him anymore! I consistently feel my strength growing everywhere which is my most favourite part of this whole journey.

John and Neil were both very understanding of my limitations when I started and changed the plan as needed and now I can confidently say that I can do any movement!

I always look forward to coming to the gym and often found myself wishing a rest day didn’t have to happen ;p

Having happily just turned 30 at the end of this challenge, I am in much better shape physically and mentally and am nowhere near done yet!

From the bottom of my heart thank you Neil, John and Erika for all that you have taught me so far, we couldn’t be happier with switching gyms and are looking forward to whats next.”