About Trench Fitness

At Trench Fitness, our goal is to give you all of the tools to reach your fitness and health goals. It is our belief that a client’s success is dictated by how well they are able to dedicate themselves to what we like to call the 4 Pillars of the Trench.

Pillar #1: Mindset & Motivation: Without this pillar solidly grounded, nothing else is able to take place. Our goal right off the hop is to get our client’s in the proper mindset and get them excited about reaching their goals. This motivation has to come from inside and the client must have a genuine desire to want to achieve results for themselves. Once this pillar is put in place, it allows the 3 other pillars to fall into place naturally.

Pillar #2: Nutrition: This is the second most important pillar in the Trench foundation. Without consistently sticking to a solid nutrition plan, a lot of effort with training and supplementation is wasted. Our bodies need the proper fuel in order to function and perform optimally. This fuel needs to be provided on a consistent 24/7 basis, and not just around workouts.

Pillar #3: Training: The training pillar is also very important. In order for our bodies to adapt, change, grow, and become stronger, we must put some sort of physiological stress on them. Our training programs are designed around core basic movements that have been proven to make our bodies stronger. These programs are then adapted according to a client’s needs.

Pillar #4: Lifestyle: It is our goal to create programs that our clients can use and maintain for the rest of their lives. This stems from the belief in one’s self from the start and continues to build and grow from the supportive team and community we have in place. Our programs should not be viewed as a start and end point, but rather a never-ending journey of education, happiness, and self-improvement.

It is the combination of these four pillars that keeps the Trench from caving in and at Trench Fitness it is our goal to keep clients on the right path throughout the duration of their program and for the rest of their lives. Through consistency and hard work, anything is possible at Trench Fitness!