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The first step to get started is to select and pay for the services that you wish to use.  We accept Visa and Mastercard for payment of services and payment is required before we work on your file.

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Personal Training
  • Select the Personal Training package you would like to purchase below then follow the steps to checkout.
  • Note that a Nutrition and Exercise Plan (see below) is highly recommended for all Personal and Group Training services.  You can add this to your cart by selecting the Consulting Program category.  All clients seen on our Trench Transformations page have utilized this service.
  • You will be contacted by a Trench Fitness Personal Trainer to arrange a mutually convenient session date/time.

1 on 1

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Nutrition & Exercise Consulting Plans and Contest Prep
  • Please [click here] to launch our MindBody purchasing and scheduling site in a new window.
  • Select the Consulting Plans category
  • Select Either Contest Prep or Nutrition and Exercise Consulting Plans.
  • The 12 week nutrition & exercise plan is an essential starting point towards transforming your lifestyle. We also recommend a personal training or group training package in order for you to fully take advantage of your consulting program. This will ensure you are performing all exercises properly, safely and as effectively as possible to receive the best results.  If you wish to add a Training service choose the Training Services tab and add a service.
  • Once done, click the Shopping Cart category and checkout.
  • You will be contacted by a Trench Fitness Representative regarding your Nutrition or Contest Prep program.
Barbells & Babies - Group Strength Training

Barbells & Babies – Group Strength Training

  • Choose the option above to launch our MindBody purchasing and scheduling site in a new window.
  • NOTE: if you would like Monday & Wednesday’s, choose the 9/17/2018 start date.  If you would like Tuesday and Thursday’s choose the 9/18/2018 start date.
  • Review the information and agree to the terms.
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