Frequently Asked

How We Operate

At Trench Fitness our goal is to give each client all of the tools and accountability they need to reach their health and fitness goals. We create custom tailored nutrition and training programs that fit the specific needs of each individual. This is done via online nutrition and training consulting, personal and group training sessions as well as access to a full online support group. We coach clients worldwide through a combination of file sharing, recorded video, email, pictures, and Skype calls. Initial program implementations are always done in person or online via Skype or a similar online communication method. After the initial program implementation all coach/client contact is done via email unless the client actively pursues personal or group training in our facility.

This is a COACHING relationship. There is a big difference between a coach and a trainer. Coaches will tell their athletes or clients what they NEED to hear, which is not always the same as what they might WANT to hear.

The most important elements of a coaching relationship are honesty and sincerity and it is our belief that a client’s success is dictated by how well they are able to dedicate themselves to what we call the 4 Pillars of the Trench:

1.) Mindset/Motivation
2.) Nutrition
3.) Training
4.) Supplementation

Services That We Offer

12 Week Nutrition & Exercise Program

Our most popular training package is the 12 Week Nutrition and Exercise program. The 12 Week Nutrition and Exercise Program costs $649.00 plus 5% GST. With that, we oversee ALL aspects of your nutrition and training – the what, when, how much, everything! There is NO guess work left for you to figure out. Your program is individualized and customized to you and your unique goals. Training and nutrition is adjusted as your physique progresses – and is based on the individual, not the calendar.

We believe that implementing training & nutrition habits is a life-long learning process and this means that you are not limited to only 12 weeks on this program. Once you decide to embark on this journey you are welcome to work with your coach in as many 12 week blocks as you like. You will kindly receive a renewal email at the 9 week completion stage that also asks you to re-outline your goals if you do decide to continue.

Competition Prep

Our contest prep package works on the same principles as the 12 Week Nutrition and Exercise Program. However, if you are competing, there is an additional one time charge – the cost for the Team Trench posing practices and peaking week (a known Trench specialty), which includes daily updates, details on water, salt, training, etc., etc – essentially everything we need to try to optimize things for the day of the contest.

Personal Training

At Trench Fitness we not only set up training programs for our clients, but we also offer personal training sessions to instruct clients on the proper execution of exercises. We have found through years of experience that it is not enough to simply write out a program for someone, but they must also be taught the proper intensity, form, and tempo in which to perform certain exercises. These types of things are essential for ensuring proper training progression, muscle and strength development, body recomposition as well as safety and injury prevention in the weight room.

All sessions are 60 minutes in length and are booked around trainer / client schedules. It is the responsibility of the trainer to book in all training sessions and your trainer will contact you to set up your sessions.

What does the 12 Week Nutrition & Exercise Consulting Program Include?

  • Weekly email check-ins with your coach.
  • Complete weight training and cardiovascular training prescription.
  • Nutrition and calorie goals that are based around your body type and current goals. Specific calorie levels will be prescribed along with macronutrient levels. You will also be educated on how to weigh/measure your food and keep track of calories in order to see long lasting progress.
  • Access to our online private Facebook group that provides recipes, contests, motivation, and support.


What does the 12 Week Nutrition & Exercise Consulting Program Not Include?

  • Access to the Trench Fitness facility without membership
  • Face to face interaction after initial program implementation
  • In person weigh-ins and measurements
  • 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or group training sessions to ensure proper form and technique is being used.


How Do I Get Started?

We require all new clients to go through an initial online client application process that can be found here:

Get Started
ALL steps on the application process including payment must be completed before you will be able to start your program or meet up with a Trench Fitness coach.


Will I be able to choose which Trench Fitness Coach I will be working with for my 12 Week Nutrition & Exercise Program?

Occasionally we pair clients with a coach based on a specific compatibility, but largely clients are assigned the coach with the most time and energy to dedicate to them, and as such, you cannot choose your coach. We share philosophies, techniques, research and training methodologies, and when clients plateau we work together to find solutions. We draw on combined decades of practical experience, academic education, and coaching backgrounds. We also have a private Facebook that you can tag any coach and ask specific questions. No matter who you’re assigned, you get the skills and support of the whole team. Be sure if you decide to hire us that you’d be comfortable with any of us as your coach.


Do you offer memberships in your new facility?

We opened a new, almost 8000 sq ft. facility in April 2015 and do offer memberships.  You can read more about this on our Memberships page.