Rewards Program

Introducing the new Trench Fitness Rewards Program

We want to reward our clients who introduce friends and family to Trench Fitness.

If you refer someone new to Trench Fitness who purchases:

  • A Membership >>>> you will receive four weeks of free Membership.
  •  A Group Strength Class Package >>>> you will receive a free Group Strength Class.
  •  A Personal Training Package >>>> you will receive a free Personal Training session.

To qualify for the reward the following form must be completed before the new client makes a purchase.

Referral Form


    Who is the person making the Referral to Trench Fitness?

    Who is the new Trench Fitness Client?


Terms and Conditions:

  • The form must be completed by either the person making the referral or the new client BEFORE the purchase is made or if making the purchase in person at Trench Fitness, the new client must state who referred them to Trench Fitness.
  • The new client must be new to Trench Fitness and must have not have purchased a prior Trench Fitness service in the past.
  • The person making the referral and receiving the reward must be an active Trench Fitness client who has either a current membership, has attended a Group Strength Class within the last 30 days, has attended a Personal Training session within the last 30 days, is currently on a Nutrition & Exercise Consulting Program, or is currently on a Contest Prep Program.
  • To be eligible for a free membership, the new client must purchase either an annual or bi-weekly membership.  The client must maintain a bi-weekly membership for at least 30 days.
  • To be eligible for a free group strength class, the new client must purchase any group strength training package except for a single session drop-in or 2-class package.
  • To be eligible for a free personal training session, the new client must purchase any personal training package except for a single session package.
  • Eligibility is determined based on what the client purchases in their first purchase transaction.  Repeat or future purchases are not eligible.
  • If the new client purchases multiple services such as a membership and personal training, you will receive two rewards (a 4 week membership and a personal training session).
  • Rewards for group classes and personal training will be presented after 7 business days of the new client’s purchase date but no later than 15 business days.  Rewards for Memberships will be given after 30 days but no later than 37 days.  If you are an annual member your expiry date will be extended.  If you are a bi-weekly member it may be necessary to wait up to two additional weeks so that your bi-weekly renewal date falls on our pre-authorized calendar.
  • In the event that the new client cancels their service(s) and receives a refund in accordance with current legislation, no reward will be presented.