Over the past few years, the fitness industry has grown like crazy and it seems like there is a new gym on every corner. As someone who may be actively looking to begin their own fitness journey it can be hard to decide where to go in Regina. Trench Fitness was created to offer a unique environment separate from what you would find in your regular run of the mill commercial gym.

Here are the top ten things that make us different and unique:


The Community & Environment

We maintain a smaller membership base where it is easier to get to know everyone. This immediately allows you to feel more comfortable in our facility. It creates more of a family-like feel and atmosphere.


The equipment

We have invested heavily in the things that actually help you produce the results you desire. We have high quality bars and specialty equipment you would not normally see in a commercial gym.


Less Cardio Equipment and More Strength Training Equipment

Science and research shows that the number one way to develop strength and to change your body-composition is through weight training so that is where the focus and design of our facility lies.


The people

Whether it be our trainers, customer service team, members, or clients, everyone wants to see each individual succeed with their own goals. There is never a shortage of someone looking to lend a helping hand or help the person next to them improve.


The Variety of Classes and Workshops

We have everything from group strength training classes, squat/bench/deadlift workshops, to specific strength training classes for moms and their babies. We strongly believe in education and giving anyone and everyone the tools to train effectively for their goals.


No Long-Term Membership Contracts

Most commercial gyms will tie you into 1, 2, or 3 year contracts. We do not believe in this methodology and instead have no long-term contracts. If you ever need to cancel your membership we only require 30 days written notice.


24/7 Membership Access

When we say 24/7 we literally mean 24/7 membership access. When you sign up for a membership, you receive your key FOB which unlocks the door for you whenever you need to train. We place a high amount of trust in our members and thus have an extremely respectful and courteous membership base.


No Waiting in Line for Equipment

Given our smaller membership base and the layout of the facility you will rarely have to wait to use equipment at Trench Fitness. We have over 15 racks to perform lifts off of.



Most gyms will ban the use of chalk, but we actively provide this in chalk bowls for our members. Chalk can be extremely useful for maintaining grip strength on heavy lifts, so we feel it is essential to have as a part of any well equipped gym.


You can Drop Your Weights

We have a large number of bumper plates and many Olympic Weightlifters. Dropping weights is a part of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, so we feel no need to ban this behavior. A controlled “dropping” of your weights is not something we feel the need to ban in our facility.