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We offer our members 24/7 access to our world class facility.  Train at the #1 results based gym in Regina.

Nutrition & Exercise Consulting

Our nutrition & exercise programs are completely customized to every client’s needs to help meet individual goals.

Personal Training

We offer Personal Training Sessions to instruct clients on the proper execution of exercises.  Help reach your next level and reach your highest potential.

Group Training

Group training can be a great way to achieve the many benefits of exercise and strength training at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

Training Program

Our Training Program may be a good fit for you if you are just looking for a custom one-off plan to follow over the next 12 weeks.

Contest Prep

Get into the shape you need to be in to meet your first place goals on stage.

Experience the Trench Fitness difference

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  • “I love being able to come and do my own things but there is always the same familiar faces. People genuinely seem happy to see you.”

    Erin Harris

  • “Trench provides members with a more personal atmosphere. It is available 24 hours/day for member use. They are local and really care about their members.”

    Lorna Reid-Leimgardt

  • “I was looking for a gym that had more to offer than the norm. Trench offered 24 hour access, group classes, indoor turf, strongman equipment, etc. I came in, was shown around, and the rest is history.”

    Jamison Mayer

  • “The environment at Trench Fitness is second to none. Everyone is supportive, willing to help, and focused on helping each person achieve their own personal goals.”

    Tina Ekert

  • “There are lots of squat racks, open air ventilation provided by the big garage doors, and indoor turf. My workout experience is always positive.”

    Stefan Atkinson

  • "The experience of being a member has been terrific! I come in day in day out excited to workout and give it my all as the space and quality equipment is what has been missing in past gyms I’ve been to.”

    Davidson Fadare

  • “Trench Fitness has empowered me to embrace my strength while being in a positive and healthy gym environment.”


  • “There’s always a lot of uncertainties moving to a new gym, but Trench has made the change worth it. I look forward to my workouts at Trench because it’s such a motivating and friendly environment.”

    Ryan Froehlic

  • “Being a member at Trench is such an empowering feeling! The support and motivation you feel and experience is incomparable to other gyms in Regina.”

    Breeann Lang

  • "Trench is an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere no matter what you’re training for. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."


Memberships Include Gym Access

in an amazing motivating atmosphere unlike anything else!

Based on 90 Reviews
Kelly Brossart
June 20, 2020

I highly recommend Trench Fitness for anyone looking to achieve fitness and nutrition goals. I began my journey in October 2019 and haven’t looked back. The service, knowledge and overall welcoming environment was exactly what I needed. The nutrition and exercise plan with Neil and personal training with Tanner far exceeded my expectations. I have struggled for years with both my weight and overall self image. Not only was I able to transform physically but my coach helped me mentally and emotionally. During Covid quarantine, Neil was especially motivating and encouraging - even though he himself was dealing with his own anxiety and worry as a small business owner. Neil’s honesty and encouragement was exactly what I needed to continue with home workouts and my healthy eating regime. Now that I’m back in the Trenches and continuing with my strength training, I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you Neil & Erica for creating a wonderful, welcoming community focused on helping people achieve their goals and a healthy mindset/lifestyle. I am so grateful I took that step to sign up and join Trench Fitness. Best. Decision. Ever. 🙏💚

Jennifer Wessner
March 10, 2020

Trench Fitness is an exceptional facility. I cannot recommend it enough. The very knowledgeable and caring staff are there to set you up for success and to help you achieve your wellness goals. The equipment is top notch and plentiful. I travel a lot, and I visit a lot of gyms and always look forward to getting back to Trench and the equipment they offer. There is a sense of community with individuals who are each working towards their own goals while always ready to cheer you on or lend a hand when you need it. Definitely check it out!!

Nathan J
September 10, 2021

I have been training at Trench for a few months. I have had a great experience training with Marty Pylatuk.. Highly recommended!

February 29, 2020

Good gym, friendly staff, trainers to meet all sorts of goals. Great addition of a massage studio.

Jordan Wong (Jwo)
September 24, 2020

The best gym I’ve been too. Very clean, people are friendly, and there’s tons of squat racks.

John Heathcote
June 20, 2020

Top notch facility. Never a need to wait on equipment. Lots of barbells, squat racks, bumper plates. 5lbs increments on their dumbbells all the way 150lbs. Whatever your training style is they have you covered. Good music, great people I highly recommend.

September 15, 2020

First I’d like to say how great it is to be part of the Trench community. I thought it would be intimidating switching but the support and comradeship was one of the first things I noticed when I joined this year. Whether it’s to lift a little or a lot, or train for a competition, you can feel the energy in the gym - it’s something that has revitalized my motivation to go to the gym. Neil and the team at Trench have really stepped up to the challenges that Covid-19 has posed, making the gym clean, safe and welcoming! I have also been fortunate to take part of two sessions of the women’s strength classes. It is the first time in a long time that I have noticed results and am feeling more confident in myself physically and mentally. I highly recommend Trench to someone looking to either make a switch or sign up for their first gym membership. Thanks Trench!

Shea Carey
April 4, 2021

I love this gym.Theres plenty of equipment, great atmosphere, virtually no wait time for racks or anything. However the lack of mirrors is somewhat irritating, being someone who has a bad strength imbalance in my body I would appreciate having a mirror to watch myself perform lifts so I can critique my form better

Dan Stinnen
September 3, 2021

Great place to work out!! staff are fantastic and very knowledgeable. Marty has been training, me for over a year and the results have been fantastic . They have lots of equipment to choose from. I would highly recommend them for anyone wanting a great place to train.

Tyson Boege
April 10, 2021

Large space, lots of equipment. Even when there is a lot of people there it doesn't feel crowded. You also get a free session with a trainer so even if you are new to working out, you can learn how to use the equipment safely and proper technique. Really the only negatives are the small change room and the lack of parking when it's busy. But it's still better than Evolution Fitness.

Hunter Bosch
May 8, 2021

Massive gym with no contracts and always room to lift. Also you can drop the weights and use chalk. Gotta love it

Ryan Froehlich
September 2, 2021

Best gym in Regina 🙂

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At Trench Fitness we are about community. We love seeing new smiling faces around the gym. We are proud to offer a space that allows you to feel comfortable working on your fitness and strength goals.
Zyrene, Janus, and Lowen are always having a good time in the gym and you can tell by the smiles on their face.
By setting goals, staying consistent, and surrounding yourself with a great community, fitness becomes fun and you are more likely to stick with it long-term!
#training #fitness #health #yqr #gym #community #workout #motivation #teamtrench
It takes a team to help you achieve your goals and we are just the team for the job!
We are excited to begin the journey with longtime client @lsshewchuk as she prepares to compete again next year in the @wnbfsaskatchewan show as a figure competitor.
She has started back on our 12 week nutrition & exercise consulting program and will be utilizing this service working with Coach Neil all the way up until her show. She also will be keeping up with twice a week personal training in the gym with Coach Tanner.
Her program is comprised of four days per week of strength training. Currently cardio is quite low as we focus on continuing to build strength and muscle before we start dieting down at about 16-20 weeks out.
By planning ahead and being surrounded by a strong and knowledgeable team, you can ensure the process of reaching your goals is a success.
It’s not just about working hard, but working hard on the right things. Lisa definitely has what it takes and the work ethic to achieve her goals. We just come up with the plan and the most strategic way of getting her there.
#contestprep #yqr #fitness #training #workout #figure #wnbf #bodybuilding #trainer #coach
Stronger….One rep at a time!
These ladies have been doing an amazing job and seeing fantastic progress in our Stronger classes.
We are excited to announce that our next round of classes begins on October 10th.
Classes run on Tues/Thurs at 5:30pm and 6:30pm for an 8 week period. Full programming is provided for up to four workouts per week with two being done in the class and two on your own.
We limit this class to only 8 participants so you get even more attention on form/technique to help ensure you are progressing.
Cost: $336 plus tax for the full 8 weeks.
Sign-up is now available through the link in our profile. See you in the Trenches!
#stronger #yqr #gym #regina #sk #womensclasses #lift #liftweights #fitness
September brings on the return of routine and it is so great to see so many new and old faces back in the gym.
Whether you want more structure, guidance and accountability with your fitness routine or the freedom to train whenever you want, we’ve got you covered with our training services and 24/7 memberships.
We understand that everyone is at a different phase of their fitness journey with different goals. Each and every person deserves to reap the benefits of having fitness and exercise be a part of their life!
#grouptraining #yqr #fitness #results #training #workout #fun #fit #247
We are proud to be partnered with the University of Regina and offer students who are completing their Kinesiology degree a place to complete their fieldwork.
Fieldwork is an opportunity for each student to experience what day to day work is like in their field of study.
This semester we are excited to welcome Chase Hampson to the team. Chase is majoring in human kinetics and has a passion for fitness and helping others. He grew up playing sports such as soccer and is looking forward to building his skills and knowledge to eventually work as a personal trainer.
Chase will be helping out around the facility for the next 3 months. Make sure to give him a warm welcome and don’t be afraid to ask for his help and guidance with anything you need!
#training #kinesiology #fitness #humankinetics #fit #health #workout #yqr #gym #regina #sk