“I am so happy that I completed the Nutrition and fitness program at Trench. The program taught me so much about how to fuel my body to get the results I wanted. Neil does such a great job monitoring your calorie and macro intake, I did not expect to keep losing weight while upping my macros each week. Doing this program has completely changed my view on losing weight and how to do it in a healthy way.

I really enjoyed the Trench gym, equipment and atmosphere inside the gym. It had been over ten years since I trained consistently and I felt really comfortable from day one training by myself or with my trainer Marty. There is so much value in having a trainer teach you and help you do the movements properly, especially when you don’t have any experience lifting. Marty did a great job teaching, motivating and helping me stay on track.

I highly recommend this gym and this program. I feel so much better not just physically, but mentally as well. The lessons I learned in fitness and nutrition I will carry forward and continue to live a healthier lifestyle. I can’t thank Neil, Marty and the Trench team enough for all the help and support in reaching my goals.”