“I went on my first diet at 9 years old. And while I have had success over the years, it was never really for the long term. My experience with Trench’s Fitness and Nutrition program has equipped me to truly understand what I have to do to maintain and continue my transformation. They gave me the support and education to ensure that I can win the battle and sustain my victory. It is not about getting to a number of the scale. It’s about changing your habits and mindset to be the best version of yourself. Your body will change, but so will your priorities – for the better. You will find that you’re making decisions based on the long term vision, not short term gratification.

Trench has become an important place for me. People here are friendly, supportive and caring. Whether you are struggling or succeeding, there is always someone there that can relate and support you. When you find an environment like that, putting in the hard work consistently is so much easier.

I like how I look, but I love how strong and healthy I feel.”