In March of 2017, I had a change of direction with respect to my fitness goals. Just by chance I ran into an old friend of mine and it was clear to the eye that he had made some positive changes to his health as it was noticeable from the outside. Simply put, he looked amazing. I told him exactly that. He proceeded to tell me that he joined a gym here in Regina, TRENCH FITNESS. He wanted to make a change for the better. He stated, “The entire process was both mentally and physically challenging but it taught me a lot about me, who I am as a person and that my goals are achievable”. Still flabbergasted by his appearance, the next few words out of his mouth, changed everything for me. He said, Misty, have you ever thought about taking your dedication to your physique to a higher level”?  What the heck is he talking about?  I work out everyday, I am lean, I look good for my age, what more could there be?  He went on to ask, have you ever thought about taking your workouts from at home videos to the gym, like why not compete”?  Now this guy is off his rocker, I was way too old to do that. Or so I thought. I knew I liked a challenge and by golly I was up for a challenge and this is where my “Trench Fitness Journey to the big stage” began.  My friend gave me the contact information and encouraged me to call to set up a meet and greet with either Neil or Erika. I did just that and within a few days I was in the Trench office with Neil and we were discussing future goals. Well clearly, I wanted the glitz and glamour of the stage all while becoming the healthiest version of myself. Membership was purchased and the first of many 12 week contest preps began. I would check in with Neil every week. Workouts and nutrition and any concerns were all brought forward during check in. Neil would immediately implement any necessary changes and it wasn’t long before I could see physical changes to my body. I was really starting to love the skin I was in. I was taking Neil’s advice, building a rapport and trust and got more comfortable in “believing in the process”. Before I knew it I was headed to the big stage. Had all of the hard work and commitment paid off?

My first competitive season as a natural athlete began on October 21st, 2017 in Edmonton. I was competing with an organization known as INBF. I competed in Master’s Figure which I received a second place trophy as well as a third place trophy in Figure Tall (funny I know, I am not tall). I walked away proud as I was competing with some amazing ladies with great physiques. That competitive season continued with me trying another natural organization known as NPAA. I walked on that stage on November 4th and I walked off that stage with a 4th place finish in Masters Figure.I now had a taste of how two different natural organizations operate, so let’s try yet another natural organization. My final stage show for 2017 was on May 3rd, 2017 with an organization known as IDFA. I was registered in Women’s Novice Figure (open class) as well as Women’s Master Figure. Imagine my surprise when I took gold in both of those classes. Like wow, this Neil guy knows his stuff. People would be commenting on how hard I must have worked and how many hours a day do you put in and so forth, but honestly, it was the off season that posed the biggest challenge for me. Like now what?  It was a challenge to see a body that was sculpted oh so perfectly (in my opinion of course) have to reverse out. The psychological challenges were just that, a challenge. Even though I wasn’t preparing for an upcoming show, I continued to check in with Neil weekly. He normalized my fears and mind set. “This happens to most athletes”.  He ensured me that if I was diligent and trusted the process, that I would not get fat, but that I would have body fat, and that is healthy. A competition body should not be maintained year round as it is not optimal for your health. I trusted the man and he was right, I gained the necessary weight back but I did not get fat. By golly, this man is a magician.



I completed my first official Off Season and starting preparing for my second round of competition. I would be competing with INBF Winnipeg again in May of 2018. I had a goal this time. I really wanted to push the limits and compete for a pro card. I registered in Master’s Figure and Open Figure. I posed hard and brought my best for the judges and walked away with a silver medal from both classes. Now this meant I had to try again for that pro status. What could I do to improve?  I asked for feedback from the judges. I took that feedback to Neil and he tweaked what needed tweaking. Neil made nutrition changes and implemented a few variations and for the second time in May of 2018 I was back on the INBF stage but this time in Calgary. Neil and I brought an even better package to that stage and with that came first place finishes in Master’s Figure, Figure Tall (still funny) and Overall Figure (open). I received my PRO card in Master’s Figure and Figure Open. Like holy crap, WE DID IT Neil. So now what?  Well, let’s get this body ready for my first pro show of course. Neil put his brain into action and implemented a short “reverse” and I put myself into action in the gym. I registered for my first PRO SHOW

With WNBF(INBF) in Edmonton for October of 2019. October came and…..I won.   Wow what an achievement. I was honoured to represent my home gym and make my coach and Trench family proud.   This brings me to current status, which is an extended off season due to necessity but also due to bilateral hip replacements. I am still very goal driven. The first goal is recovery and the second goal is to stand up on the World Stage in November of 2021  with an even better physique created by Trench Fitness’s Neil Tkatchuk. I TRUST MY COACH AND THE PROCESS.

If you are thinking of joining a gym, I can assure you that Trench Fitness will meet and or exceed your fitness goals whatever they may be. Don’t google “best gyms in Regina”. Do what I did, follow the recommendation of that one person. The truth is spoken by the Trench family not a search engine.