Starting Stats:
Weight – 206.9lbs
Waist – 36”
Hip – N/A

Finishing Stats:
Weight – 188.2lbs
Waist – 32.5”
Hip – N/A

Total Change:
Weight – 18.7lbs
Waist – 3.5”
Hip – N/A

“I have struggled with weight and self confidence in how I look for pretty much my entire life. I started working with Neil Tkatchuk at Trench Fitness in Regina in 2017. I was struggling more and more as I aged to control my weight and wanted to learn a better way to eat well, exercise and still be able to enjoy life. I have definitely found that balance with Trench! I also recently just completed their 12 week transformation challenge. I lost 19 pounds in 12 weeks and have built more muscle along the way. I am also currently eating more food every week while maintaining my weight at 185 pounds. It’s a beautiful thing!! Neil and Erika Tkatchuk and their team are great at providing motivation, information, and the guidance that most of us need to stay on track with fitness. They stay in close contact with their clients to ensure the plan they provide is working and designed for each person specifically. During the last few weeks through COVID-19 diet and exercise have become even more important to me in order to maintain not only physical health but mental health as well. If there is anyone out there looking for help, Neil and Erika are the people you need to talk to. Thank you Neil and Trench Fitness for all your help and motivation! I seriously can’t thank you enough!”