“I started my journey with Trench fitness after seeing the results my wife received from the 12 week program with them a few years ago. I was shocked to see not only the results she got, but how quickly they seemed to happen as well. I was a little apprehensive about starting a program on my own. However after the first 2 weeks I was convinced other wise. Neil is an amazing coach that knows his stuff inside and out. His positive remarks are very rewarding to read after a week of counting macros and pushing yourself at the gym. I have always gone to the gym and tried to eat clean, but now with two little boys it is tougher to find the time and energy for exercising and my diet started to slip. Neil gave excellent guidance on changes that were to be made either with the nutrition, or on the gym side of things. I have nothing but good things to say. The tools and knowledge I have gained are things I can use to keep my physique up to par on my own. I have have seen this first hand as this is what my wife has done after giving birth to each of our boys. I’m fairly positive that I will do another 12 weeks with Neil in the future as well.”