“In May 2017, myself and some fellow coworkers started group workouts twice a week at Trench Fitness. Neil’s brother Marc, who we work with, set us up and got the ball rolling and we have been going hard ever since! It not only has brought us closer together but it also helped us to realize the positive impact working out makes in our self-confidence and our stress management.

Working out at Trench was something new and different for me. I have always been physically active and love working out, but the atmosphere and the people there provide a different experience from anything else I have encountered before. I started to see changes in how I looked and felt and couldn’t wait for the next group workout. Our trainers, John, Scotty and Adam made workouts tough but fun. We always have a good laugh somewhere along the way.
Something was still missing for me though. No matter how hard I worked out I never saw the changes I thought I should be seeing. The expression “a healthy body is made in the kitchen” didn’t really hit home until I decided to try Neil’s “12 Week Transformation”.

I have always considered myself to be someone who eats healthy – most of the time. The missing piece to the puzzle for me has been knowing the right proportions of protein/carbs/fats without feeling like I am starving myself all of the time. Counting macros was totally new and foreign and makes so much sense! Flexible dieting should be a lifestyle and I now feel confident in being able to continue doing this indefinitely. No more yo-yo weight loss/weight gain. It hasn’t always been easy but to me it has been totally worth it. Accountability is also very important. Neil has been fantastic with providing the right amount of encouragement, expertise and wisdom. Knowing that there are weekly checkins with him also helps to keep the motivation high because there are goals to work towards that can change every week.

If I can do it, anyone can. It just takes some planning with a little bit of discipline here and there. You just have to ask yourself “am I worth it?” And when you realize that you ARE totally worth it, you then have to decide how bad do you want it anyways?”