“They say that in order to understand where you are you have to know where you have been.  In saying that I guess my story would start off with me growing up being heavily involved in sports and generally being in pretty good shape up until real life started taking over.  Slowly activity dropped down to pretty much nothing while work and bad habits steadily took up more and more time.  Eventually 5lbs turned into 10 which turned into 20 that turned into more and more.  The whole time I knew I had put on some weight but never realized how much it was and never realized how far in denial I was.  My wakeup call came one day as I was watching some videos with my kids from the summer of my son running around in the back yard playing with me.  It wasn’t until that moment that I finally realized what I had turned into.

I was shocked and couldn’t recognize the person I saw on the screen in front of me and it was at that point I decided to turn my life around and get myself back in shape so that I could enjoy playing with my kids and be around for the long term.  Initially I had started it off with what I thought would be best which was less bad food, tracking what I was eating and the old cardio route.  While I was able to drop a large portion of the weight off over the course of the next year.  While happy to drop the weight I had at that point I wasn’t the least bit satisfied with how my body was and decided it was time to get into strength training.  Shortly after starting down the strength training path, work and life got hectic and busy once again. But the big change this time around was that the bad habits and poor eating stayed away.  So while activity dropped way off my weight for the most part stayed constant.  Finally after about a year and a half things had finally settled down and I was finally able to get back into fitness and it was at this time I was looking for the right place to pick up where I left off.

After looking around trying to determine where to continue my journey I came across Trench and after a quick look through knew it was the right place for me.   The atmosphere is completely different from any gym I had been in before and was exactly what I was hoping for.  Along with the ability to come whenever my schedule allowed was all I needed to know when I signed up.  After spending about five months getting used to being back in the gym and working my way through a couple different programs I felt I was ready for a change and after seeing some of the success others had had decided I would see what I could do with some proper guidance.

I have had the pleasure of having Neil guide my progress for the last while and over that period of time we have had from my perspective great results thus far in the journey of re-comping my body.  I have been able to lower my body fat, gain muscle mass and improve my overall strength.  I have also been able to address some of the imbalances and weak points that I had, and improve form dramatically.   All of this while eating more food than I had when trying to figure things out on my own.  And while photos help show some of the progress they can’t show all the other great things have happened along the way as well.  My overall health has improved, I have been able to sleep way better, my energy levels have gone up, and I am able to play my kids out instead of the other way around.  But probably the most helpful to me has been the ability to release stress and frustration in a healthy and productive manner.   Coming to Trench and conducting my work out for the day is something I look forward too, as no matter how I felt coming in to the gym I feel great leaving.

Making the decision to invest and improve myself has been the best decision I have made in a long time and I couldn’t be happier with my Trench experience and look forward to continuing my journey here.  I am happy with my progress to date but still hungry for more.”