I started the 12 week program with intentions to kick start my life back to a healthy state. I’ve been visualizing and dreaming of what I wanted to accomplish by joining the trench team for a long time now.  I’m retired now and have the time and energy to fully focus on myself and my health. This life changing journey that I have been participating in since July 26 has done everything and more than I could have ever hoped for. I dedicated myself to the program from the start, even though I questioned the amounts of food I was consuming for wanting to lose weight. I believed in Neil and the program he was preaching. It works! I was all prepared to work my ass off with Cardio and lifting 4 or 5 days a week but Neil had other plans. With 30 min of cardio 3 times a week and 3 weight sessions a week it was easy to schedule all the work outs to my benefit. The weight started coming off and I was hitting my macros constantly. There were weeks that I felt like it wasn’t working as fast as I expected but Neil would always compliment or encourage me with his emails. The enthusiasm and excitement that Neil showed towards my results was contagious. I became aware of how much my body and attitude were changing. My foundation was getting more balanced and stronger. I stood taller with better posture and pride in what I was doing. I in turn got more enthusiastic and excited about what I was seeing in the mirror and my loved ones reactions. I first signed on for 12 weeks for a kick start and I certainly got that kick. I was so impressed with the results I signed on for a second 12 week program and the results just kept coming. It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you decide you’re going to do something after wanting it for so long and dedicate ones self to that mission. 277 pounds with a 47 inch waist when I finally started with Neil and after 24 weeks I weigh 229 pounds with a 37 inch waist. My life after working 36 years on the railway is mine again and I am in control. Feeling confident and much stronger to continue on this journey to better health. I can’t thank Neil enough for his dedication and commitment to improving peoples lives through nutrition and fitness.