1st Place


Weight: Starting -129.2lbs – Final -113.4lbs
Measurements : Starting Waist: 27”, Hip: 37” – Final Waist: 24”, Hip: 33”

Total Weight – 15.8lbs

Total Hips – 4”

Total Waist – 4”


Writing this testimonial is hard, there are so many things I want to cram into it…like the virtues of green Jello, the necessity of purchasing a second scale if you are doing a macro-counting challenge with your spouse, and the knowledge that just because you can buy it in the grocery store and can easily fit your macros doesn’t always mean it’s food (I mean it’s edible, but food? No).

When I joined Trench in October 2015 I did so after seeing my girlfriend have some really remarkable results on a 12-week plan. I wanted to get familiar with the gym but with limited experience lifting weights and no direction with a nutrition plan I didn’t see the results I wanted. I needed an expert. Enter the 12 Week Transformation Challenge! If you put the word challenge in front of me I’m usually sold, I blame my competitive nature. I needed guidance, saw all the other incredible transformations that have come out of Trench and really, it was a no-brainer.

Erika and Neil are great examples of what I would, and did, look for in a coach or trainer. They, along with their similarly awesome staff, exemplify the ‘Don’t talk about it. Be about it’ slogan that I stared at every day at the gym. There is nothing that they will throw at their clients that they wouldn’t do themselves. The tools and skills they give you to help you get the results and live the lifestyle you want are immeasurable.

Meeting with Neil at the beginning of the 12 weeks put me at ease. Although, looking at my workout plan I was troubled immediately by the lack of cardio. Seriously? One steady state cardio and one HIIT? Of short durations? Surely you jest! Other ‘plans’ I had done in the past had me killing myself with cardio and cutting out food groups. Neil said, “Trust the process.”

And I did…after 6 weeks. The first 6 weeks I asked for more cardio at every check-in. I couldn’t get over how great I felt after workouts and how enjoyable my plan was, so I must be doing something wrong, LOL. I could see results for sure but insisted on beating a dead horse. Neil was patient with me and didn’t tell me to shut up about the cardio already, but explained the ‘why’. Why he wasn’t giving me more cardio, reminding me what we were wanting to achieve and pointing out my results thus far. All the encouragement and patience drove it home for me.

I can’t say enough good things about the past 12 weeks. The darkest, coldest part of the winter flew by; the structure and routine of the program helped alleviate daily stress and bigger stress that comes from the 9-5 at times; my husband and I were supporting each other in our plans and always cheering each other on; working toward a goal is much more satisfying than just spinning your wheels; my cellulite, which has plagued me since I was a teenager, no matter how many kms I put on running, was noticeably reduced for the first time in my life; my house was cleaner and; my family was wayyy better looking. Ok those last two may not have happened exactly as depicted but I do have a very attractive and wonderful family 😉

I don’t know where my end is, but this is just the start for me! I signed up for another 12 weeks and am looking forward to working toward some new goals!