Retire the spaghetti squash and give this lasagna a try. Inspired by some pretty rad crossfit paleo blogs I’ve frequented for reps.

I think we’ve all been there. We think we’re so incredibly clever for using spaghetti squash as a sub for spaghetti noodles. Then you realize it’s become a bit 2010. So, let’s start taking that idea further. We’ll sub butternut squash for lasagna noodles, and call is B.S. Lasagna – witty or what?! The squash around the edges of the pan does actually get crispy, crunchy like lasagna noodles do…and the flavor is definitely there. But other than that, I’m not going to lie and say, “WOW! It tastes exactly the same!” because frankly nothing tastes as good a my mammas homemade lasagna.

Ingredients: (serves 1)

1 Small Butternut squash (or ridiculously strong forearms to saw through a large squash…)

50g sugar free pizza sauce

50g mushrooms

2 tbsp purple onion

100g chicken breast (already baked)

1/4 cup fat free cottage cheese


1. Take a light stretch (if you have ever cut a squash you know why I say this…) Peel the squash and microwave until tender. Once it cools cut it into 1/4″ sections.

2. Line a glass baking dish with pizza sauce and on top of it layer cooked squash, chicken and  veggies. Repeat process until ingredients are gone.

3. Top with cottage cheese and seasoning.

4. Cover and bake for 30 minutes. Broil to crisp edges and brown the cheese.

With love from the Trench Kitchen,

xo Erika ♥