I train hard and consistently. I am in constant competition with myself in various areas. I set large goals for myself, I work hard to achieve them and each time I do I set the bar higher (or in some cases heavier) for myself. I thrive on challenges and the results that come along with conquering them, and I am not just talking about my body. Everyday I train my body, my mind and my self control.

Why I Train my Body



I train first and foremost for my health. I strength train 4 times per week. I do high intensity, short duration interval conditioning twice per week. I take 1 yoga class per week, plus Neil and I play outside every chance we get. We enjoy biking, long boarding, walking and recently show shoeing – not just for the fat burning benefits, but also to promote blood circulation which aids in recovery. This also ensures I get adequate sunshine and fresh air.


I train to look good and feel good about myself. Nowadays it seems as though everybody is a big proponent about how exercising should be solely for the purpose of being healthy and strong. Yes, those two things are crucial but I am not ashamed to admit that I want to look good and I have very high expectations for myself.


 Why I Train my Mind: Ever hear the expression, “Use it or Lose It”? Between starring at mind numbing television programming, texting and gawking at facebook updates, it seems as though Canadians eagerness to expand their knowledge base is sadly declining as a whole. Neil and I are constantly expanding our knowledge base. We read articles, watch videos and talk to some of the best in the industry. I have even enrolled us in the Elite FTS ‘Learn to Train Seminar’, this fall.

Why I train my Self Control: This one probably seem a bit out of place, but hear me out. Our self control is something that needs to be trained just like anything else. My self control is what keeps me from diving head first into anything chocolate and eating my way out. My self control is what keeps me from blowing our entire bank account on online purchases. Self control is what keeps me on my training plan, helps me adhere to my nutrition plan and keeps me reading and educating myself. The more you use self control the easier things get – but when you have a case of the ‘eff it’s’ single serve recipes are very handy. Single serve recipes keep your portions in line and your diet in tact. Here is a yummy banana bread recipe for ya – nom nom nom.


Banana Bread for One!

1/2 small banana

1 egg white

2 tbs oat flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

Pinch cinnamon

1-3 pks stevia


1. Spray an oven safe individual baking dish with cooking spray. Place all ingredients in a small bowl and stir until well combined. Pour batter into dish and bake for 20-25 min at 350F.

Macros – calories: 120 – fat: 1g – carbs: 21g – protein: 8g

With love from the Trench kitchen,