Everyone has dreams they would like to see come true. It’s good to have dreams, but by nature, dreams are not very tangible. So let’s begin by changing the label. What should we call them instead of dreams?

How about calling them goals?

Are you thinking: What’s the big deal, what difference does it make whether we call them dreams or goals? I’m glad you asked. Here’s one of the dictionary’s definitions for dream. Dream – An idea or hope that is impractical or unlikely ever to be realized; idle hope.

Now let’s look at the way the word goal is defined Goal – Something that somebody wants to achieve or accomplish; something to aim for.

Clearly, if things you hope to accomplish are to have any chance of becoming part of your reality, it would be better to refer to them as goals.

Goals involve intention

Unlike dreams, goals are something we aim for. That implies several things. The most important is, we intend to reach reach those goals. Calling them goals means that we have set our sights on them and they are now part of our focus. As a result these goals, we become “goal-oriented.”

Let’s go to the dictionary again and see what it has to say about being goal-oriented: Goal-oriented – Organized to achieve particular goals: strongly motivated and highly organized in achieving goals that are specified in advance.

At this point we have left the realm of “dreams” far behind. Having goals is a lot closer to reality than simply dreaming about something. Of course, there’s still a big difference between aiming at our goals, and actually achieving them.

What else do we need to accomplish our goals?

Our definition for goal-oriented includes being organized and motivated. These are vital elements of any successful attempt at achieving our goals. It also mentioned something that is specified in advance. Let’s elaborate on that aspect a little.

The more refined and defined our goals are, the greater our chance of achieving them. It’s impossible to align your focus on something that is just a vague generality. Having a crystal clear vision of what we intend to accomplish gives us something to really focus on. Success requires that we take the time to clearly define our goals.

It doesn’t stop there!

There are several other necessary elements to setting and achieving goals. Here’s a sampling of things that will greatly increase your ability to turn dreams into reality.

1) Determination. This is especially important with respect to big goals that will require considerable time and energy. One way to increase your determination is to…

2) Break big goals into manageable stages. Smaller, “stepping stone goals” keep you from feeling overwhelmed. They also provide positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment along the way.

3) Eliminate distractions. If your efforts are too diluted, it really won’t matter what else you do. When you are serious about achieving an important goal you need to push less important things out of the picture.

4) Constantly evaluate your progress. To reach your target you must stay on course. That means checking you progress to make sure you are still moving in the right direction. Your path will always be somewhat fluid, so keep your eye on the ball.

5) Believe in yourself. Doubt is a waste of time and energy. Deal with doubts before you start working toward your goal, not after. Doubt is the opposite of determination and engaging in it will bring your progress to a standstill.

6) Make a commitment. Every important goal will present you with challenges along the way. If you are not totally committed to success, those challenges could seem insurmountable. Making a total commitment to success will shrink those challenges down so you can climb over them.

7) Make yourself accountable. Tell others what you intend to do so you will feel accountable. This can be very motivating for several reasons. The more accountability you feel, the more motivated you will become.

You must take ACTION or nothing will happen!

I have very clear cut goals. I want to be the best, most loving, affectionate wife in the world. I want to be a cheesy soccer mom. I want to win a female entrepreneur award and continue to develop my skills as a business owner. I want to be one of the top natural figure pros in the world. I want to develop a workshop for females focusing on self esteem and body image and facilitate workshops on a national level. I want to continue to work with Optimum Nutrition and establish myself as a player within the company on a variety of facets. I want to publish multiple cookbooks. I want to put Trench Fitness on the map as a world class fitness facility.

And lastly, I want to learn how I can teach others to accomplish their goals and put their dreams into action.

It’s time for action my friends! The only thing that is standing in your way is you.

With love from the Trench kitchen,