The Trench Fitness TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE is back for 2018.  It is a way to showcase the efforts of people motivated to make a lifestyle change with an end goal in mind.  Through the efforts of the participants in adhering to a well structured and balanced nutrition plan, training program, and new lifestyle schedule, they will be able to see some mind blowing results.

To determine the top 3 contestants we will enlist the help of judges.  These judges will include past clients, people who have supported Trench Fitness from the beginning as well as people who continue to display the Trench Fitness lifestyle on a daily basis.

Judging will be based on 3 different criteria:

1.) Before/After comparison photos: 60%
2.) Before/After measurements & weight: 20%
3.) Testimonial: 20%

From these 3 criteria the judges will be able to come up with the top 3 winners in our challenge.

$2,500 in Prizes:

1st Place
-$1,250 Cash Prize
-One year non-transferable membership at Trench Fitness
-Trench Fitness Clothing Prize Pack
-Trench Fitness Supplement Prize Pack

2nd Place
-Trench Fitness Clothing Prize Pack
-Trench Fitness Supplement Prize Pack

3rd Place
-Trench Fitness Clothing Prize Pack
-Trench Fitness Supplement Prize Pack


Registration is now open and the very last day to sign-up is February 1st.  Program implementations will begin within a week or two of completion of all steps in the sign-up process. Your official challenge start date will be the day after your program implementation and your completion date will be the last day of your 12 week program. Contestants are more than welcome to purchase additional training sessions or other services.

Registrants will receive:

  • 12 week nutrition & exercise consulting program
  • 1 personal training session
  • 30 day trial membership
  • 1 Trench Fitness shaker.


$289 every 4 weeks for 3 payments OR $849.  Pricing plus applicable taxes.

[Registrations are now Closed]