You will love the flavor and color of this beet hummus. The color comes out vibrant purple and the taste is just as amazing



This was definitely the prettiest hummus I’ve ever made. You can’t beat that gorgeous shade of purple! Like all homemade hummus, it couldn’t have been easier to make, throw a few ingredients into the food processor and puree. I served the beet hummus spread on a pita, it was a surprisingly perfect combination. My little beefcake (lol) cooked the beef, and I chopped the veggies and made the hummus. Great meal! The next day I had some hummus with veggies, but I bet it would be good with crackers too!





1/2 lb beets or 4 medium sized beet (scrubbed clean, cubed, and cleaned)

2 tbsp tahini sesame seed spread

5 tbsp lemon juice

1 small clove garlic

1 tbsp cumin

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook beets. I like to roast them in the oven with a little salt and pepper.

2. Combine ingredients in food processor, and process until smooth.

*I spread a few tbsp on a whole wheat pita with some beef Neil seasoned with Greek seasoning. I also used the beet leaves so don’t throw them out. Chop leaves coarsely and saute with onion and garlic. Assemble either as I did ‘pizza fold’ style or as Neil did ‘traditional pita, bust open and dirty your hands’ style.



MACROS (per 2 tbsp) : calories: 28 – fat: 18g – carb: 2g – protein: 4g


With love from the Trench Kitchen,

xo Erika ♥