Its no secret that I love my husband, whom I endearingly call “Monkey”, very much. We are one of those obnoxiously ‘lovey dovey’ couples that single folk despise. We agree on most things, and very rarely fight except when it comes to the frying pan in the sink debacle

It is that one task that makes my blood boil. There is nothing worse than cleaning someone else’s dirty pan that is “soaking” in the sink. “Soaking” he says… What he in fact means is: hiding-my-pan-in-the-sink-for-you-to-clean-because-that-job-sucks-ing…

I have found a solution to the egg pan domestic. Egg cups!


Ingredients: Diced Veggies & Liquid Egg Whites. I used spinach, onion, tomato, mushroom and bell pepper, but you can use any diced veggies you fancy.

Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350F. Take your silicone muffin tray and place it on top of a cookie sheet (this makes sure you don’t spill the egg mixture in transfer). Take your cookie sheet and place it on a kitchen scale. Add your veggies and weigh accordingly. Add your egg whites and weigh accordingly. Bake for 35 minutes. Season with Mrs Dash or seasoning of choice.

Special Considerations: You can eat the cups on their own, in a wrap (as Monkey is doing), or on toast etc.

Macros are dependent on exact ingredients and portions used.

With love from the Trench kitchen,