Awesome guest blog post from Neils Dad, Ron Tkatchuk! Neil is so happy that he can take what he has learned and share it with other people, but most importantly he has converted our immediate family to the “healthy eating and exercise kick”. Ron shares with you his thoughts on the connection between happiness and fitness. I know many of our readers can relate to the topics he covers.

People are happy. People are sad. People are fit. People are overweight and out of shape. Is there a connection and if there is, what is the connection?

Every man and woman has an inherent desire to be happy. All too often, however people find themselves in an unhappy state. They dislike their job and find their work unfulfilling. They find themselves in relationships that have gone bad. The desire to thrive, achieve, and succeed withers and is replaced by self pity, despair, and unhappiness. To a lesser or greater degree we all find ourselves on this continuum between happiness and sadness.

The challenge is to move up this continuum and ultimately become the best and happiest “you”. This is where nutrition and exercise becomes key. You see, following a properly constituted diet and exercise program forces you to focus on a goal. The achievements build and you start to feel better and better about yourself. The exercises are laid out, results monitored and measured, and success awaits all those who are committed to the program. Now you are well on your way to living a much healthier and happy life with all the benefits such as weight loss, muscle development, physical fitness etc.

Changing your physical appearance, is the first step in your transformation. You must take the confidence and self discipline that was instrumental in transforming your physical appearance and apply it to your personal and professional life. Suddenly goals that seemed unattainable become attainable, with focus and self discipline. You gain the strength and confidence you need to live a better your life.

The mind works in strange ways. It can weigh you down and or lift your up. You however are in control of your destiny. You can choose to accept the status quo of you can do something about it. You can make yourself the best that you can be. Life is a journey that we only go through once. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to have the best ride possible?

Ron Tkatchuk


Thank you very much Ron for your insightful contribution to the Trench blog. We love you 🙂

With love from the Trench Kitchen,