Did you have an AWESOME weekend?

Over the past few weeks I have received a tonne of emails / personal messages from people who get a little too crazy on weekend’s.

Feeling guilty, feeling bad for eating all the ice cream, drinking too much, skipping their workouts, and generally having a lot of fun.

Guess what….the only BAD part of whatever you did this weekend is that you lessened your enjoyment of the moment because you told yourself you were doing something wrong.

Calling it a “screw up” isn’t even accurate. You didn’t screw up. The only thing that’s screwed up is this pressure we put on ourselves to strictly follow rules that most of the time aren’t realistic.

Creating a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle of awesome is not about a weight. It is not a diet. It is not working out 7 days a week, it isn’t eating clean 7 days a week, and it certainly isn’t the same for everyone.

You are not defined by how well you stick to some crazy plan, you are defined by the choices you make that celebrate your LIFE.

It’s so important to fully and consciously enjoy holidays, special occasions and celebrations – without the guilt.

Feeling guilty about choices you make will cause stress and negative loops in your mind that make it easy to slip up and get into that negative self talk mentality that only leads to more guilt.

Have a good time! Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Get right back on track with your program or food prep or workout routine and give yourself permission to fully experience and give 100% to that experience too.

Photo Jul 07, 14 59 32Because life is short.

And balance is the key to sustainability – in fitness, in relationships, in everything.

Get everything you deserve out of this amazing life and don’t just consciously choose to deviate from your plan – make the fun stuff PART of your plan.

With Love From the Trench Kitchen,