My body hates itself. My red and white blood cells are in constant battle. Every day I have to prove to myself that I am worth it, that I can make it and that I can push through this. I have to constantly keep reminding myself that life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you deal with it.

When I was first diagnosed with lupus I went through all of the five stages of grief…

1. Denial “I feel fine”, “This can’t be happening”

2. Anger “Why me”

3. Bargaining “I’ll go back and be healthier and sleep more”

4. Depression “I am going to die”

5. Acceptance “Lets host a fundraiser”




When I finally reached step five, ‘acceptance’, I approached Ape with the idea of hosting an event. I have participated in many walk/runs, sleep-a-thons, famines and other cliche fundraisers. If I were to put OUR business name on an event, it needed to be unique, personal and fitness related. So together we came up with the idea to host a deadlift competition, “Lift Off For Lupus”. Each lifter paid a $20.00 entry fee and for every pound they lifted they had to donate $0.5. We encouraged the crowd to toss dolla-bills on the platform to contribute to their totals.







Neil a.k.a Mr Social Media blew it up. I know I say this all the time but Neil is my rock. He is the only person who can tell me to push on or pull back (without suffering a blow to the head). He is the most loving supportive boyfriend a girl could ask for. He took my idea and made it a reality. Before I knew it we had over 12 lifters, a live D.J, a photographer and many interested spectators. He even got in contact with the owner of Adrenaline Personal Training Studios, the top power lifting gym in Regina.They produce extremely strong athletes, so strong in fact they had to bring extra weight plates. Extra weight = extra-ordinary donations.



Through entry fees and donations we raised over $2000!

Neil and I would like to thank the following people:

Steve, Derek and Tyler of Adrenaline Personal Training Studios

Chantal and Justin at GymStar Apparel Canada

Tun and Simon at Popeyes Regina

Tyler Prill our d.j extraordinaire

All of the group strength training participants who attended the free circuit class.

With love from the Trench kitchen,