As a runner for many years I was not able to achieve the body of my dreams. I was lean but had no definition and oddly enough I still had a layer of fat on my belly that I never got rid of. I wanted to be fit and toned. After seeing some girls I knew compete and transform their bodies to perform optimally, I decided that I was ready to jump into this type of challenge.

I first heard of Trench Fitness through my boyfriend.  I contacted Neil and he answered my questions and concerns. I wanted to know if I was going to starve and if I was going to be dehydrated. The latter was very important to me as I have a weakened liver. He assured me that I would not!  I left the meeting feeling determined and driven. I was ready to rock this training!

Neil answered my questions and concerns throughout my program and gave his honest opinions and feedback. I liked that he allowed me freedom to explore and learn with his guidance. He showed me the why behind things rather than telling me exactly what to do.  He introduced me to a new lifestyle!


trench-transform-michelle2I also enjoyed working with Erika with for my posing, as well as many of the other female aspects of the sport such as: suit selection, tanning, and stage presence. Erika’s reassuring comments helped me gain confidence on stage.

Neil and Erika made my first experience on stage explosive. Their cheering, coaching and presence made me feel comfortable and supported! I could not have done as well as I did without their help and knowledge in this sport. Thank you both for turning my curiosity for the sport into winning both of my classes and overall championships in the IDFA AND INBF fitness bikini category. I now hold the title of INBF Canada Alberta Cup 2012 fitness model champion!!  What an incredible first year competing!  I cannot wait to work with Neil again as I chase my goal of being a PROFESSIONAL.  Never give up!

Thank you,

Michelle Espino