Travelling while on a nutrition program can be challenging even for the best of us. There are only so many things you can cook prior to departing and limited alterations that can be made to restaurant meals. In light of this reoccurring issue, I asked one of my ‘frequent traveler’ clients, Chelsie Coxford, to provide some advice on how to “think outside of the microwave” and successfully hit your nutrition goals.


When it comes to travelling it is always a challenge to stay on track with meal prep and keeping my macros in check. There are only so many things you can cook prior to and limited alterations that can be made to restaurant meals. I always try to keep things simple on the road by “thinking outside of the microwave”.There are many dry goods that you can take from home and buy your fresh goods once you arrive at your destination. Depending on the appliances and space in a hotel there are a variety of options to cook as good as you do at home, if not even better!

I have recently re-discovered the electric frying pan! With an electric frying pan I have been able to add a few more options to my “meals away from home” menu. A few of these meals include pancakes, toast, eggs, bacon, french toast, chicken, mixed vegetables and many more delicious concoctions. In order to make these meals I have brought along some dry goods from home such as cooking spray, bread, rolled oats, spices, peanut butter and a few different protein powders. Then once I have checked into my hotel I head off to the grocery store to buy some milk, egg whites, fresh or frozen meat, vegetables, fruit and some microwave rice packages. Protein bars are also an easy snack to buy prior to departure and make for a great snack while on the go. The majority of the food can be cooked in the electric frying pan, however; I do have a few microwavable dishes for steaming veggies and making omlettes. The possibilities are endless and I find myself trying to be more creative on the road now.

Travelling and being out of your comfort zone can be challenging but it is not worth taking a break from flexible dieting just because you are on the road. With my job I am on the road 6-10 weeks of the year. Those weeks add up over time and can take away from your progress quicker than you think. These are just a few of the things I have done while travelling that help keep me on track and I am continuously looking for new meal ideas to keep things interesting.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Chelsie!