Starting Data
Weight 184lbs
Hips na
Waist 36”

Ending Data
Weight 172.4lbs
Hips na
Waist 33”

Weight 11.6lbs
Hips na
Waist 3”

It took almost 7 years but my wife finally convinced me to change my lifestyle and eating habits. So we signed up for the Trench Transformation Challenge together. I know no one reading this is going to find this shocking, but my wife knew what she was talking about and after the 3 month Challenge I feel great.  Let’s back up a little here; growing up I always relied on sports to keep myself in shape, and that worked pretty good until I got into University and started drinking more beers then I was playing sports, coupled with some not so good eating habits and (not so) shockingly the pounds started to pack on. I have never been a person who went to the gym, I literally can count on one hand the times I had gone to the gym to work out in my life before I started at Trench. I never got ‘hooked’ or gave the gym a real chance.

The few times I did go, I didn’t know what I was doing and just felt out of place. So I just stopped going. Fast forward to the end of University and I’m 5’8 and 195 lbs, with not much of that being muscle. I knew I could stand to lose some weight but I was able to do the things I liked at that weight, like play rec hockey and golf, etc. so I just kept on trucking the way I always did – no real exercise and bad eating, if I had the choice of something easy like fast food I would generally take it.

Then I met my wife, she was into going to the gym and was in good shape, and ate way better then I did. I never got the gym bug from her right away but did start eating better. With eating better I dropped a few pounds and was pretty content. Then this January she said to me, “I think I’m going to sign up for the Trench Transformation Challenge.” I’m still not sure what made me decide to say, “You know what, I think I will do it with you.” At that point I think my wife’s jaw hit the floor and then we signed up for the three month Challenge.

Going in I knew it would be tough. I’ve never followed a work out routine for more than one day every 4 years and have certainly never tracked my food. I did have a slight advantage because my wife had worked out with Neil and Trench before and had seen her track her food and everything that was involved. So I was aware of how to do it with weighing food, eating a set number of macros, etc. It took some getting used to for the first week or so but tracking food became second nature and an everyday routine pretty quick. There were some tough days when my numbers got to their lowest but when you see the changes you are accomplishing it makes it all worth it. When I first met with Neil, he and my wife told me to trust the process and they were right. Once Neil gave me my exercise program and I started eating a balanced diet the changes started. Not only did the number on the scale and my body composition change but my dislike for the gym slowly started fading. After the first few work outs – and the waves of nausea that came with them – I was really questioning why I signed up for this, but I knew in order to truly see if this was something I could consistently do, I couldn’t resort back to my old ways and I needed to give it a fair shot. After a few weeks of eating better and exercising my energy levels starting going up and overall I just felt better. A couple weeks later and I’m seeing great progression in the gym, my body is changing, the scale is dropping and I’m feeling better and better and all of a sudden the guy who hated going to the gym has changed his mind and now looks forward to it. By the end of the transformation I’ve lost a lot of body fat, I’ve gained some muscle definition and I feel great.

So I asked myself why stop there, I signed up for another 12 week nutrition and exercise program with Neil and can’t wait to see the results from it!