Starting Weight 169lbs
Starting Waist 35.5”
Starting Hips 43.5”


Final Weight 146.8lbs
Final Waist 30”
Final Hips 39.75”


Total Weight Loss 22.2lbs
Total Loss off Waist 5.5”
Total Loss off Hips 3.75”



“This challenge has been really eye-opening for me. I went from working out about 2 – 3 times a week to 4 sessions of weight training and 2 sessions of cardio a week and I was really unsure of if I could do it. I learned very quickly thanks to Scotty’s direction, he helped motivate me to change my lifestyle and helped show me that I’m a lot more capable than I would have thought.

I was concerned about the macros, knowing that I would have to change how I eat and worried that I wouldn’t be eating enough to keep me full. My mom, Nicole, has completed the transformation challenge before and was sure to guide me on the foods that were the best for the first week. Following that, I found I was actually eating more every day, despite consuming only about 1400 calories a day. I eat on average 4 meals a day and a rather large snack in the evening, which is a huge change from skipping breakfast and snacking throughout the day. This program has taught me that you can eat a lot of food, as long as you’re mindful of the quality of the food is one that will benefit you in the long run. Thanks to the nutritional change I made, I was seeing the pounds drop off more easily than ever before and my strength increased quicker than I had expected. Because I was fueling my body with the nutrients and macros it needed, everything felt more doable.

My clothes are fitting so much better with the 20 pound loss over the 12 weeks.  I am blown away with the amount of weight loss, at the onset of the program I never would have believed this would be achievable for me. With the weight loss came a huge leap in confidence and the way I carry myself. I’m less concerned now over if older clothes I have fit, and I’ve been able to try something on and if it’s too tight I don’t get discouraged. I’m lighter now than I have been in well over a year, and infinitely stronger. Even if I never fit into the jeans from 4 years ago again, my self worth is no longer attached to the number on the scale but on the tremendous amount that I’ve gained in both knowledge and strength over the past 12 weeks with the help of the Trench team.

Some additional things I’ve noticed throughout the journey is that my resting heart rate has dropped about 13 BPM, going from around 75-76 to 63, which was really surprising. I noticed this change right away, and it didn’t take long of taking better care of myself to see that my energy levels were way up as well, which was probably tied to how my quality of sleep went up within just a couple of weeks of starting the program.

Trench’s gym atmosphere is one of the only fitness spaces I’ve truly felt comfortable and confident in. Everyone is friendly, they’re willing to help if you need it, and I don’t feel judged or embarrassed to be there as I have with gyms in the past. Even though I definitely have some weight left to lose I find that I’m overall more toned and that getting the knowledge about the food quality will help me make better choices when it comes down to grocery shopping and my daily life.

I cannot stress enough how much the Trench family has helped me through my journey these past 12 weeks, I never felt as though I was alone and that I would have been able to reach out no matter what kind of questions I had. I honestly feel like I can now do anything I set my mind to, because this was a difficult program but worth it beyond words I can use to describe it. The wisdom and guidance I received was well worth the time, effort, and cost with this transformation challenge and it’ll be something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”