“I’ve known Neil through strength athletics for a few years – so I knew he was the guy to get me back on track. I started up my own family business and left the gym for almost two years. I spent 3 months getting back into the swing of things after nagging injuries and imbalances in my body started affecting work and then contacted Neil to take me to the next level. At 36 years old, getting back into the swing of things and making gains was going to be a challenge….but it was made a lot easier with the help of Neil and Trench Fitness!

As a previous strongman and powerlifting competitor, I had the gym experience but my nutrition was always a “see-food diet”. I saw food, and I ate it. Tried to keep it “healthy” but really, that means nothing when you want to seriously fuel your body for performance and take it to the next level.

That’s where I knew Neil could help me out. I signed up for a 12 week program with him in order to see how I’d react to better nutrition and a plan focused on performance and body composition. My goal was to not necessarily see the scale go down, but to improve my physique and get healthier. All I can say is wow.

It took a while to get the right macros figured out, but we dialed things in within the first half and then slowed down the weight loss in order to maintain muscle gains. I went from 206 to about 195 but I know I dropped a lot more than 11 pounds of fat, which means the nutrition program and training helped me also gain muscle as we went.

The nutrition plan I found was super straightforward. Hit your numbers, be honest with what you’re eating and track everything that goes into your mouth. If you’re consistent, there’s no way Trench Fitness can’t help you make some real changes.

My plan now is to build up over the next 6 months and then possibly diet down for my first ever experience stepping on stage. Trench will of course be the ones helping me get there!!”