1st Place

Starting Data
Weight 244.3lbs
Hips na
Waist 39.25”

Ending Data
Weight 219.9lbs
Hips na
Waist 32.5”

Weight 24.4lbs
Hips na
Waist 6.75”


I have always been a big guy and have been dealing with my weight and image issues for most of my life. Playing sports helped a lot growing up and I ended finding my niche in football. I played offensive line in high school and for the U of R Rams. I had a great career playing ball but when I finished my playing eligibility, I wanted to slim down. Playing offensive line at the university level meant playing at 300+lbs, but once I finished playing I knew I had to drop the weight for the benefit of my overall health.

Over the first few years after football I bounced around between 280lbs-260lbs but I was never really happy with where I was at. It was just over a year ago when my girlfriend, Katherine, asked me if I wanted to try a nutrition and exercise training program through Trench. We were both stuck with our fitness goals and heard great things about Trench.

The moment we walked into Trench I knew I had to train there. It was a big part of what I was missing since playing football – a high level facility with everything I could want in a gym. We received a free 30 day trial with our first program but I knew I had to become a member after day one. The environment at Trench is fantastic. Everyone has their own personal goals but the common theme is everyone is trying to better themselves in some way through fitness. It really is a community!

Working with Neil on and off over the last year has completely changed my life, physically and mentally. I have always weight trained as part of playing sports but I was definitely lacking the nutritional aspect and some technique work in order to reach my goals. Before going to Trench I thought I had a good grasp on nutrition and training, being a Kinesiology graduate and CIS/USports athlete, but I really had a lot to learn. Through tracking my macros I learned how to accurately read nutrition labels for the food I was consuming and how to properly control my portions. I also worked with Neil several times at Trench on my technique for numerous exercises and it has dramatically increased my strength and my knowledge when lifting.

Before the transformation challenge I had completed several 12 week programs with Neil and had great success. He was able to help me through my rehab after knee surgery and get my strength back up to what is was before and eliminate pain in my knee. I got in a bit of a slump with moving into a new house so my workouts and nutrition suffered and I was not satisfied with how I was feeling and my body composition. I noticed the post for the 2018 Trench Transformation Challenge and saw it as a great opportunity to really push myself and reach levels I had never been before. To say the challenge was easy would be a huge lie. It was challenging and I had good days and bad days, but I kept pushing myself. By the 12th week of the challenge I can say this is the best I have ever felt in my entire life, both physically and mentally. Everyday tasks are easier, I have better mobility, and I have reduced pain in my joints from football injuries. I have a healthy relationship and education with food and it has become a lifestyle for me.

Neil has given me the structure and education I needed to be successful, and remain successful lifelong. I cannot thank Neil and Trench Fitness enough for giving me the tools and guidance I needed to pursue my personal fitness goals. I have signed up for another 12 weeks to push myself even further and I couldn’t be more excited!