“I started with Neil in June of 2011. I started out with the nutritional program after losing a large chunk of weight but not really understanding what I was putting into my mouth. Trench has showed me the key points in a successful nutritional program. What I liked about his program was that it was a lifestyle change not just a quick fix.

Neil has always wanted me to try out his group circuits; he said that the support I would get from everyone would help me with a successful weight loss to hit my goal weight. I was so worried about lifting weights and I remember walking into the class thinking to myself “I can’t do this”. I started out with 5-8lbs weights and now after 7 Months of doing the classes twice a week I am up to using 25lbs-40 lb weights. Instead of me walking into it saying “I can’t do this”, I now walk in asking myself, “how much more can I do today!” I have gained muscle but more importantly I have toned places that need toning and have gained strength that has allowed me to be where I am today.

I cannot thank the Trench group enough for allowing me to see what I can actually accomplish when I put my mind to something!”