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“After my 24 weeks with Trench Fitness, I am honestly amazed by the changes that I have experienced. Throughout my whole life, I have thought of myself as a fairly athletic guy. I mean, I played competitive sports the majority of my life so I have to be athletic, right?? I justified my weight and body composition as just being a big, strong guy. Little did I know that I wasn’t so much a strong guy but leading towards just being a big guy. Working with Trench Fitness helped me change all of that!

Learning this new lifestyle was easily one of the best decision I have ever made. While weighing all my food,watching my food choices and getting in the gym 4 times a week was not easy, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The program that Trench Fitness had me working on, both in the gym and the kitchen, was not difficult. There was no rocket science or special quick fixes. Everything was simple and to the point. After the first couple weeks of struggling to learn a new way of life (mostly learning to weigh and track my food), everything became normal to me. Hitting my macro targets became second nature and that is when everything took off for for. The fat and weight started to melt off my body and my strength exploded. Never in a million years did I think I could lift some of the weights I am lifting now with Trench Fitness’ help and guidance! I always thought I was just gonna be a big strong guy and never thought it would be possible for me to have a body that I could be proud of. Boy, was I very wrong!!! Working with Trench has allowed to me achieve a lot of goals that I always wanted to achieve, as well as set a bunch of new goals to achieve in the near future!!

trench transformation dustin2One of the biggest things that Trench Fitness has helped me over the past 24 week was the consistency that it takes to see results. At times it may seem as though the progress is slow but I quickly realized that if you stick to the plan week in and week out, you will see results. Sometimes the number on the scale may not show a huge weight drop, but when you look at your body measurements of profile pictures the results are there! Progress is progress, whether it be on the scale, in the gym or in the mirror!

I would, and have over the past 24 weeks, recommend Trench Fitness to anyone who is looking to lose some weight, improve their performance in the gym, or just live a healthier lifestyle overall! Trench Fitness is more than just Neil and Erika.  The supportive nature of all the other clients at Trench is huge. Everyone is extremely supportive of each other as we all achieve our various goals together. That is something that definitely sets Trench Fitness apart from other gyms.”


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