I cannot thank Neil and Erika enough for the guidance and support you both have gave me me through out this journey. In total over the 16 months we have been working together I have lost a total of around 51 lbs and close to 100 from 7 years ago.

The entire process was both mentally and physically challenging and taught me a lot of who I am as a person and that goals can be achieved.
Were there days I didn’t want to go to the gym or do cardio and did I miss the summer bbq and the odd beer? Hell Yes! Did I get frustrated when I sat at the same weight for weeks on end although I was eating right and putting in the work? Again HELL YEAH! But the body is a amazing machine and once we decided how it worked and trusted in the process, the pounds fell off and progress was made.

Then there was also the constant hunger, the occasional mood swings, countless hours of posing in front of the mirror and asking for a few extra one on one’s just to try to get it right.

Next question your thinking is was it fun and would I do it again?

Ok two questions but same answer HELL YES!!
It was such an awesome experience and am now looking forward to the next journey of putting on a bit of size and going for my next goal.

If you have ever thought this is something you wanted to do and are willing to commit 100% regardless what your body type is right now, trust in the process and get started.

Neil and Erika are highly knowledgeable and Trench Fitness is a truly amazing place!