competition-success-jordan1“Almost 2 years ago I competed in a natural bodybuilding competition. I didn’t have a trainer and relied solely on Google for my dieting/training questions. Backstage at this event I had seen a few competitors that were part of Trench Fitness. I had no idea who or what Trench Fitness was, I just knew their athletes were very well conditioned and seemed to have vast knowledge in fitness and pre-competition diet.  Trench Fitness ended up having a few top finishers in their weight classes and I had a feeling it would go that way before anyone had even stepped on stage.

competition-success-jordan2I told myself to remember that name and check them out online and maybe look into training with them. I ended up getting referred to another local trainer in my town. I was a little hesitant due to wanting to join Trench Fitness. Instead I went with the local trainer and due to my hockey background told myself Trench Fitness can be my competition and hopefully fuel me more. After months went on with the local trainer with little support and advice, I questioned my decision and wished I had gone with my gut feeling and joined Trench Fitness. So I made a change and that change, changed not only my training and diet but many aspects of my life!

I joined Trench Fitness and I could not have been happier.

I was now receiving the support and advice I hoped for from a trainer. I was on a consistent routine and my body was feeling better and my knowledge in training was growing. I was never left in the dark and knew if I came across any problems I could easily get a hold of my trainer to repair the problem.
I grew physically and mentally and that transferred into my everyday tasks, making me a stronger business man, family man, and friend.  I was a new and improved Jordan Coles.

I entered my first competition with Trench Fitness November 1st and I ended up placing 1st in my weight class and had the privilege to battle for the overalls. One week after that competition I stepped onstage again and was blessed with another 1st placement also earning my NPAA Elite pro status. I was one happy camper and one that realized that I am not in competition with other competitors but only myself and if I keep bettering myself I will never lose!


competition-success-jordan3I want to briefly discuss my contest diet since there are many preconceived views on this. I was not once starved. I was eating 5 meals a day. Carbohydrates were being consumed right up until the minute I stepped on stage and water was never cut out of the diet. In fact on competition day I drank around 6-7 litres.  Contest prep is difficult both physically and mentally but when done correctly it can be much more bearable. I have many goals I still have to reach in my bodybuilding career and without a doubt Trench Fitness will be by my side.

It’s been an honour being a part of the Trench Fitness Family.Thank you Neil and the Trench family! Your guys support has been greatly appreciated

NO man is an ISLAND….We all need words of encouragement and support. Surround yourself with positive like minded people and experience the result of a life changing journey,  physically and emotionally.”

– Jordan Coles