trench-transformation-Lhasa-1“My first 12 weeks are in the bag & I couldn’t be happier with how I am feeling, my energy levels, and the results I’ve gotten! Here’s a little background about me… I have an extensive history with health, nutrition & fitness – I have been from one extreme to the next.  I’ve always considered myself an active, or athletic person but with many ups & downs along the way. I have gone from the trained, competitive athlete to the overweight, unmotivated couch potato.  I’ve been successful in losing weight before and finding a balance but always seem to be relearning these habits after I “let go” and get into an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

In 2011, I was at my heaviest weight and in 8 months I lost 40lbs on my own – it was great! I was the lightest I had ever been BUT I was eating like a bird and doing strictly cardio workouts.  I hadn’t lifted a weight in years (or barely ever).  I was so obsessed with watching the scale, getting my runs in and making sure I wasn’t “overeating”.  It finally hit me that this wasn’t how I wanted to be when I was doing some physical work with my family (on the farm) that I had always been able to do before, and I just couldn’t physically do it anymore.  I was shaking, weak and not able to complete (what used to be) a simple task.


Since then, I have slowly started to discover weight lifting and this whole other (awesome) world of fitness! After watching the Trench website & FB page for a couple months, I decided I was ready to take control of my body and my lifestyle again.  I wanted to learn what Trench had to offer – I was intrigued.  I was ready to test my body & mind out with a new challenge.  After taking a couple days to catch on, I love it! Neil has been a fantastic coach and I can’t wait for my next 12 weeks!  The accountability and guidance that Neil provides is top-notch, I look forward to my weekly check-ins (even if things didn’t go 100%) and I take each week head-on with a positive outlook.  My goals are even more attainable now and I can’t wait to keep going!”