trench-transformation-Cara-1“I originally started working with Erika at Trench Fitness in January 2014 to lose a few pounds for my wedding. At first, I thought it would be a simple, short term way to look better for such an important day. The day came and went, and thanks to Erika’s help, the dress fit great… However, I seemed to miss the point that to maintain these results I needed to make a lifestyle change, not just a short term goal, and I frustratingly gained a lot of the weight back.

At the start of my third program with Erika, it was like it finally clicked in my brain that if I wanted to see the results I have been longing for, I needed to start holding myself accountable to make changes on my own. It was time to stop depending on others to get what I thought I needed, relying on some sort of fad diet or pill, or using every excuse for why I wasn’t eating right or missing workouts. I finally understood that there is no “quick fix” for fitness and health and took charge of my life and eating habits. Right away, I started to see positive changes in not only my body, but in my mental health and happiness.
I have had my struggles, ups, and downs, but I am discovering a stronger side to myself and I am so thankful to belong to a team where I feel like I belong and am surrounded by so many other like-minded individuals. I am incredibly thankful to Erika and Neil and the whole Trench team for being patient with me and for encouraging me over the last several months. I am thrilled with my 9 month progress and can’t wait to see where the future will take me!”