trench-transformation-Eden1“I didn’t do this program because I was fat. I know I wasn’t fat or anything close to it. I wanted to do this program because all my life I have been told to eat healthy, work out, and run to stay in shape but I was never taught how to do any of these things.

I finally realized I can’t keep eating junk because it was catching up to me. Before this I hated the thought of working out and running; it did not appeal to me at all but now I actually look forward to doing these things. It gives me a break from work and school. This was not easy, there were many times I just wanted to eat the McDonalds burger and fries but then I remembered how good almond butter was…… I couldn’t have done this without my support group either. My mom would go nuts in Costco looking for tasty and healthy foods. She would come home with boxes of stuff saying I have no idea if this will work but from what you have told me it looks good to go.

Erika, you are such an inspiration to me and have helped me so much! Your guidance is what helped me stay on track and made me never give up. I thank you so very much!”