“When I started with Trench, I had already reached a milestone, I had lost about 40 pounds on my own, but I knew I needed to keep going. At that time, I thought I had hit a plateau, but looking back now,  I just wasn’t motivated to keep pushing myself, and probably wasn’t being as accountable as I could be. Last winter (with help from my lovely boyfriend), I started to lift, and learned more about proper form and that is where the love affair with weight lifting came into play. I had heard about Trench from co-workers, friends, etc. and the more I researched about maco-nutrient based approaches to eating and results-based training, the more I knew it would best suit my lifestyle. It was a no non-sense approach, and I knew that losing weight and gaining strenght is not a quick fix, so I knew that it was worth pursuing.

trench-transformation-laura3I am now 20 pounds lighter, with more confidence and am lifting more than I ever thought I would. Adjusting to the lifetyle was a smooth transition, and Erika made the process as easy as possible. I felt fully supported and any questions I had, she was happy to provide me with some great feedback and suggestions. I have a new life now, and when I look back at myself almost 60 pounds heavier than I am now, I know I will never be back there again. I trusted the process, my coaches and myself and was able to reach my goals. I am excited to see what 2015 brings, not only from my continued work with Trench but with myself as well.”