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“My journey with Trench Fitness began by stumbling upon their Facebook page. I was immediately intrigued and inspired by all the transformation pictures and success stories. I was also incredibly impressed by the natural contest prep success stories and pictures. I researched Trench’s website and I knew deep down this was for me, however, I continued to follow them on Facebook for
quite a few months before contacting Trench for more information.

My initial goal was to learn proper lifting techniques so I joined the group classes with Neil & Erika, which I appreciated what felt like one-on-one personal training – they were always watching, and correcting form to ensure success & progression. In the past I always preferred group classes so lifting on my own heading into the nutrition/training program was a big change for me. It didn’t take long to get over that feeling and I now love the flexibility of Trenche’s 24/7 facility. I can fit my training sessions in anytime between my kids activities, full-time work, and a hectic life in general.

Balanced nutrition was definitely the missing link. I found I was still able to eat & enjoy the same healthy food as before but Neil customized and fine-tuned my nutritional requirements to build and maintain lean muscle through macro targets. The flexible diet approach allowed me to integrate all my food choices, to be accountable, and to be in control. Weighing and tracking my food was MUCH easier than I thought it would be and became a habit very early into the program.

trench transformation lisa2Neil’s fitness & nutritional expertise, support and motivating encouragement throughout the program obviously played an instrumental role in my success. When I first met with Neil one-on-one to discuss my goals during the consultation process his words stuck with me: “you need to be ‘all in’ in order to achieve your goals” and I was/remain “all in”! I especially appreciated the accommodating approach as Neil would provide alternate training sessions for times when I couldn’t make it into Trench. Ie. Campsite and at home body weight workouts.

I view this program as a life investment. I have spent way more than this over the years chasing ½ the results. For a few years prior to Trench I would regularly attend spin and other fitness classes and I was frustrated with not achieving results to match my effort. Trench taught me that balancing/controlling my nutrition; weight training and unwavering commitment would give me results I was looking for. The only regret I have is waiting so long to start the nutrition/training program. Without any hesitation I recommend Trench Fitness to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!”


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