trench-transformation-2016-luke1“Friendly, supportive, encouraging, caring and knowledgeable are just a few of the qualities that describe The Trench Family!!

Luke is a very active 13 year old who enjoys every sport out there but his main interest is soccer, go-karting, bmx biking, hockey and school sports (volleyball and basketball). He’s always been a competitive athlete but was carrying extra weight and was tired of it as it was affecting his performance in these areas. We booked an appointment with Neil, to discuss Luke’s goals and how this was going to be accomplished given his age, busy sports schedule and compliance to the program. Neil was very patient in explaining everything to Luke and how his program and workouts would be set up. Neil assigned Nick Howell as his trainer and the rest is history.

trench-transformation-2016-luke2We have truly had an amazing journey over these last 12 weeks!! Every week we witnessed amazing changes from how Luke was feeling mentally and physically, to his body composition literally changing right in front of our eyes, leg pain disappearing, sugar cravings completely gone, muscle strength and definition appearing weekly and best of all it was transferring over into all his sports! Many people are commenting on how lean he looks and how strong he’s become in his sports, especially soccer as expectations are very high when playing in the PSL. Luke has noticed a huge increase in strength, speed, agility and flexibility just to name a few.

Neil has been incredibly supportive and encouraging!! Guiding us through the program with enthusiasm and motivational emails for Luke, weekly check-ins, quick positive responses and feedback, sending bi-weekly comparison pics, changing up his macro’s, answering questions and highlighting Luke on Instagram. Neil’s education, expertise and attention to detail puts him into a league all of his own!!

trench-transformation-2016-luke3Nick has been an amazing mentor for Luke since day one. He’s encouraging and fun but at the same time makes him work hard and pushes Luke to be his best. Every week Luke shows us his new progress including muscle strength and definition by flexing and posing, new box jump heights, new weights on sled pushes, bench press etc. Luke always looks forward to his workouts because they are challenging plus he can literally see the results happening, which in turn keeps him very motivated.

The nutrition has been a big change for Luke in many ways. First, he loves to eat and given he’s 13, growing and very active requires a lot of food. The amount of food he’s eating is quite astounding!! He’s never eaten so much food and remains losing body fat and gaining muscle. Almost every week his food macro’s and consumption increases!! I thought, how do I get all this food into him within the next 14 hours but it’s what he requires and Luke loves every minute of it. More food… great!!!! He’s NEVER hungry and always feels satisfied! I calculate the odd treat into the program if he’s going out with his team to eat. Luke is so committed to the program and new lifestyle that his desire for junk food is almost non-existent.

Luke feels very comfortable walking into Trench, everyone including staff and clients make him feel so welcome. The environment is very warm, inviting and family orientated. We just can’t imagine ever going anywhere else and Luke is looking forward to another 12 weeks with Neil and Nick.

With much gratitude!!!!!!!!!!”

-Luke and family